About us

Turchese Gioielli creates unique handcrafted jewels, designed and produced entirely by hand by the master goldsmith Walter Poggio.

Our company

… since 1984

Turchese was born about 40 years ago, leader in the production of jewelry made entirely by hand and designed by the master goldsmith Walter Poggio, who has always sought excellence through the creation of masterpieces distinguished by the unique design and quality of the stones imported directly from the countries of origin.

He was born in 1961 and since he was a teenager, accompanied by his artistic talent, he pursued the dream of becoming a goldsmith artist.

After years of experience in the most prestigious Valencian goldsmith school where he graduated as a gemologist, he then sets off to discover the world of the most precious gems directly in the field.

India, Brazil, Colombia, Thailand and Vietnam are just some of the countries explored in his experiences as a researcher of beauty where mother nature and art meet to fascinate customers with ideas full of imagination and emotion.